Helicopter in the Military

Greg Bradley

The “Copperhead” Gun Platoon Pilots, 162nd Assault Helicopter Company, January 1972, Can Tho, Vietnam. The aircraft is a UH-1M helicopter gunship. It is armed with two pods of 28 Folding Fin Aerial Rockets, with 10 pound warheads and on the

Aaron May

Afghan Air Force MD-530F1 flown by US Advisors in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Christian Grundner

During a high Mountain landing traing in the Austrian Alps…

Andrea Ehrl

We took this photo in April 2019 in front of our company premises here in Germany. The company I am working for is Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH. We design and manufacture training devices and full flight simulators for rotary

Harvey Lapidus

National Museum of the Marine Corp

Greg Bradley

This is a very rare photo. It shows one of my Vietnam helicopter unit’s (162 Assault Helicopter Company) UH-1H helicopters. They worked every day, typically 6 to 8 hours of flying time, in the hot, humid Mekong Delta region. Also

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