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Michael Worth

Student Pilot getting started early to beat the heat at KEUL and do autos before the D.A. gets too high. The smoke from the wildfires makes for magnificent sunrise and sunset photos.

Heather Cook

This Highland Helicopters LTD. AS350B2 is just heading out of a very nice small airstrip in the mountains!

Christopher Lowery

Medflight of Ohio training EC130 helicopter. Waiting out the storm to pass. HEMS checkairmen.

Heather Cook

Rescue Diver from the Royal Canadian Navy is hoisted from the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Vancouver BC. This SeaKing from 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron in Patricia Bay was retired from service along with the entire fleet shortly

Chris Baur

Drone performing a survey to create Digital Elevation Model of a Hospital heliport.

John Luciano

Two Boeing CH47D Chinook Helitankers operated by Billings Flying Service refill at the Walnut Canyon Reservoir in Anaheim. The rotorcraft where hired to deliver wildfile support for October’s Blue Ridge Fire in Yorba Linda, CA.

Eduardo nuñez

Cd del Carmen, Campeche. Mexico
Before pre flight inspection
Exmilitry helicopter technical
Experience: offshore,long line,
SAR and Rescue,vertical reference

Julien Botella

Airtelis H225 with Ferrari 458 Special

Cole Demorest

Another crew pulled off the fire.
Fox Lake, AB, Canada

Sylwia Tylkowska

Polish Medical Air Rescue (LPR) and Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue (GOPR) training in Szczyrk, Poland

Kevin carver

Photo taken during night training
I’m retired mechanic with the department, now a volunteer.

Pete Rankin

UW Med Flight is transiting from the EC-135 to the larger EC-145 with a new paint job, here the “old” aircraft meets the new one.

Ryan Grothe

UH-60 Black hawk in San Diego in July of 2020

Joshua Chan

Submitted before but don’t think I included my name. Landing at HCMC in Minneapolis. I am a flight paramedic with Life Link III. Minneapolis Skyline.


Pulling off the fire.
Fox Lake, AB, Canada

Marco Iseli

2018, France. CMO in an aviation supplier / aviation development company. Great digital enhanced picture of the Maximum Pilot View Kit for AS350/H125 helicopters of Swiss Rotor Services.

Julien Botella

Airtelis H225 and the Bambi Bucket

Will, Spraggs

Photo was taken after a sun up to sundown day of GRI camera work up in Slave Lake, Alberta. My name is Will, a 20 year old pilot originally from Ottawa, Ontario, building hours and making my dent in the

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