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Simon Iglesias Berna..

Kamov Ka-26 in Hungary, about to start cropdusting

James Rainger

“Lucy Fights Fire and Cancer” is very recognisable in her pink paint scheme. Here she’s ready to work alongside one of her hangar mates.

Bob Cockell

This shot was taken during initial hoist operations training with the Nevada Division of Forestry. I’m President of Air Rescue Systems (ARS). ARS provides Advanced Helicopter Operations Response, Training and Equipment.

Bob Martinez

Erickson Aircrane doing a fire retardant drop on the Aspen Fire near Huntington Lake, California

Stephan Teschner

Autumn sunrise at Helicopter Transport and Training, Bankstown Airport, Sydney, NSW Australia. May 25, 2019.

Desiree Horton

Orange County Fire Authority Helicopter 1 at Fire Station 41 on Fullerton Airport. A typical sunset on most days here in SoCal. Orange County Fire Authority operates four type 2 helicopters for firefighting and rescue. Two Bell 412’s and two

Ejew Tsakr

taken at Air base in North Eastern Nigeria. fully loaded with cannon pod and rocket on standby.

Vitor Fornasari Tosa..

I took this photo on March 2019 in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul. I’m H-60L Black Hawk pilot.

Jordi Taylor

This MD 500E landed amongst the banks of a river in Georgetown, Texas. This area is a training location for our flight school, Magnum Copters with an inventory aircraft Trinity Aviation acquired.

Antonio Floresval Ma..

Before to taxy, Luanda International Airport, Sikorsky S76C++, night flight

jacob straube

photo taken in Juneau Alaska Temsco Helicopter maintenance hangar, 13 different shots then photo stacked and edited on my Ipad.

Marius Calderwood

student pilot & social media manager @ Tahoe Helicopters; shot was taken during instruction flight and photo shoot for the instagram account featuring myself in the aircraft at Lake Tahoe airport doing some hover work over personal vehicle with the

Tapasvi Pithadia

I am an Aircraft Maintenance Trainee Technician and this photo is taken at Juhu Airport, Mumbai, India.

Helicopter in photo is AW109 and is ready to fly.

John Grasberger

This photo was taken in the mountains east of San Diego. The effect was obtained accidentally, when I turned the color intensity up full.

Leonard Yarita

I am Leonard Yarita an aircraft technician. Took this picture 22 July 2019 of the Helicopter taking off to the Northwest to bring back some passengers in a remove village location.

Simon Iglesias Berna..

Ka-26 about to start cropdusting in Hungary

Marco Herrmann

VR Motion Helicopter Flight Simulation

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