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Simon Iglesias Berna..

Andorra rescue chopper in Barcelona

Ashley Grant

Here is a photo of our H125 reloading the long line with Hydroseed.

Desiree Horton

A Bell 412, one of Orange County Fire Authority’s four helicopters they operate that serve Orange County sits outside Fire Station 41 at Fullerton Airport in California at sunset.

Tapasvi Pithadia

I am an Aircraft Maintenance Trainee Technician and this photo is taken at Juhu Airport, Mumbai, India.

Helicopter in photo is AW109 and is ready to fly.

Christal Tressider

Airshow standby for the Navy Blue Angels. Had some fun in the sun while watching all the performers.

Eric Michael Hilton

I was the corporate industrial photographer for Sperry Gyroscope/Unisys and normally photograph F-18s and Nuclear submarines. But I was sent on this special assignment to photograph the Marines training and working on their CH-53 at the Marine Corps Air Station

Alicia Walker

Outside of our Hangar in West Texas after coming in after a storm on October 1, 2019

Bruce Kimmell

WHERE/WHEN: This photo was taken the evening of July 25th, 2019 while I was standing by for my Hershey Medical Crew as we worked to transport a critical patient from Gettysburg Hospital to York Hospital.

Lauren deWindt

Taken at The Washington Hospital helipad, home to Stat Medevac 1 in Washington PA. I’m a full time flight paramedic at Medevac 1.

Antonio Floresval Ma..

Before to taxy, Luanda International Airport, Sikorsky S76C++, night flight

Oscar G. Bernardi

Ghirla lake, 01/19 Aviation free lance photographer

Lucas Rogers

The photo was taken in Hope, British Columbia, Canada on June 20, 2019. I am a low-time pilot and after many years working on the ground I was given the opportunity to help ferry C-FYVB from Victoria, BC to St.

Jonathan van der Wes..

Landed at dawn in Nelspruit,south africa

Simon Iglesias Berna..

AW139 transporting VIPs in Barcelona

Leonard Yarita

I am Leonard Yarita an aircraft technician. Took this picture 22 July 2019 of the Helicopter taking off to the Northwest to bring back some passengers in a remove village location.

Simon Iglesias Berna..

AW139 transporting VIPs in Barcelona

Joshua Chan

Life Link III Alexandria Base swapping aircraft at our Anoka Base.

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