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John Bell

Pittsburgh Sixteenth street bridge, designer

Joshua Chan

This is is Life Link III Willmar Base on the roof top pad at Hennepin County Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis with the Minneapolis Skyline in the background.

Mike Martin

I’m a dispatcher for this EC145 as well as our other helo and ground ambulances. Named “Spirit 1” I always take an opportunity to stop by, see the crews, see how everyone’s doing. This picture was taken in the fall

Tapasvi Pithadia

I am an Aircraft Maintenance Trainee Technician and this photo is taken at Juhu Airport, Mumbai, India.

Helicopter in photo is AW109 and is ready to fly.

Ryan Kelly

Travis County STAR Flight 1 awaiting medcrew and Patient in San Marcos, Texas.

Christal Tressider

Last flight after an all-nighter. My partner had said the prior evening as we flew during sunset: “I don’t mind seeing the sunset-as long as we’re not still flying at sunrise.” This is why HAA/HEMS folks are superstitious! Not ever

Matthew Laub

Location: Dutch Harbor, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, March 25, 2019.
Aviation background: 18.5 years active duty USCG, Helicopter Rescue Swimmer since 2003.
Special meaning for photo: MH-65D, Tail # 6593, deployed with USCG Air Station Kodiak’s Alaska Patrol Division, conducting confined

Kenneth Juen

Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson AZ

Stephan Teschner

Early autumn morning at Helicopter Transport and Training, Bankstown, Sydney, Australia. April 11, 2019

Ryan Hebard

This Photo was taken after a preflight on the Bluff around Quartermaster Point, Grand Canyon West. (Landmark 32)

Ejew Tsakr

taken at Air base in North Eastern Nigeria. fully loaded with cannon pod and rocket on standby.

John Bell

Helicopter – Designer

Joshua Chan

Life Link III Alexandria Base swapping aircraft at our Anoka Base.

Lucas Rogers

The photo was taken in Hope, British Columbia, Canada on June 20, 2019. I am a low-time pilot and after many years working on the ground I was given the opportunity to help ferry C-FYVB from Victoria, BC to St.

JL Ríos

Palma del Río Córdoba

Joao Alves

helipad ATL Downtown

Mark Young

At Camp, South of Yeehaw Junction, Florida US. June 2, 2019 early am.
Private Heli pilot. Started watching Whirlybirds TV show as a kid. Build/manufactured two Rotorway 152 Exec’s in the 1980’s. Last 25 yrs Rebuilding Lycoming/Continental engines at a

Tony Peltier

Leavenworth Washington USA. Beautiful Helispot while waiting on ground crew in-between fires during the 2017 fire season. Tony Peltier, Brainerd Helicopter Service Inc. MN

Desiree Horton

Taken on the ramp at Fire Station 41 Orange County Fire Authority at sunset

Christal Tressider

No filter needed on this perfect night.

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