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Jessica Ingalls

Evening shot at Lee Memorial Hospital with our northern neighbors sharing the pad. I’m a Collier County MedFlight Flight Paramedic.

John Grasberger

This photo was taken in the mountains east of San Diego. The effect was obtained accidentally, when I turned the color intensity up full.

Gabriela Turkel

Cayo Costa, FL. 2019. Helicopter and Multi Engine Instructor. This was one of my last flights in this helicopter.

Simon Iglesias Berna..

Andorra rescue chopper in Barcelona

Ashley Grant

Here is a photo of our H125 reloading the long line with Hydroseed.

Evan, Klemcke

Rooftop helipad at area hospital. Flight paramedic with HALO-Flight.

Paolo, Rollino

Spanish Army Aviation (FAMET) CH-47C at the sunset is waiting on the apron for a night-mission-takeoff. The image was taken at Colmenar Viejo on Sept. 2016

Isaias Garcia Carrer..

#Cockpit – Bell 412. SAR Training. El Hierro, Canary Islands (Spain).

John Bell

Helicopter – Designer

Steve Adams

Late night on a rooftop helipad in Naples Florida. Director of Operations at Collier County MedFlight.

James Langford

Evening EMS transfer to Memphis.

James Langford

Below mins…Airbus factory, Columbus, MS

Simon Iglesias Berna..

Ka-26 about to start cropdusting in Hungary

Zil Air

A picturesque canvas of colours of Seychelles’ Sunset

Ryan Hebard

This Photo was taken after a preflight on the Bluff around Quartermaster Point, Grand Canyon West. (Landmark 32)

Bob Cockell

This shot was taken during initial hoist operations training with the Nevada Division of Forestry. I’m President of Air Rescue Systems (ARS). ARS provides Advanced Helicopter Operations Response, Training and Equipment.

Gabriela Turkel

Fort Myers Page Field Airport. 2019. Helicopter and Multi Engine CFI

Leonard Yarita

I am an aircraft technician. I took this picture 17 July 2019 in the early afternoon of one of the loaders loading up a fuel drum to take to an outstation. Bush fire in the background.

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