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Simon Iglesias Berna..

Kamov Ka-26 in Hungary, about to start cropdusting

Joshua Chan

Life Link III Alexandria Base swapping aircraft at our Anoka Base.

Evan, Klemcke

Rooftop helipad at area hospital. Flight paramedic with HALO-Flight.

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

It was unintentionally wanting a photo.


Simon Iglesias Berna..

An uncommon and beauty visitor at Barcelona heliport

Choodamani Adhikari

Cargo Sling Operation requires technical knowledge among the team members, pilot and technically built craft. Kailash Helicopter ensures technically equipped cargo transportation and sling task from various regions with the help of well trained specialist who own enough of experience

Desiree Horton

Taken on the ramp at Fire Station 41 Orange County Fire Authority at sunset

Simon Iglesias Berna..

R44 about to leave Barcelona heliport

Ryan Hebard

This Photo was taken after a preflight on the Bluff around Quartermaster Point, Grand Canyon West. (Landmark 32)

Joao Alves

helipad ATL Downtown

Lucas Rogers

The photo was taken in Hope, British Columbia, Canada on June 20, 2019. I am a low-time pilot and after many years working on the ground I was given the opportunity to help ferry C-FYVB from Victoria, BC to St.

Antonio Floresval Ma..

Before to taxy, Luanda International Airport, Sikorsky S76C++, night flight

Ejew Tsakr

taken at Air base in North Eastern Nigeria. fully loaded with cannon pod and rocket on standby.

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