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Lauren deWindt

Taken at The Washington Hospital helipad, home to Stat Medevac 1 in Washington PA. I’m a full time flight paramedic at Medevac 1.

Marco Herrmann

VR Motion Helicopter Flight Simulation

Ivan Pisetta

Gardenport – for coffe time;)

Chris Szwedo

Amidst darkening skies, a Robinson 66 and its owners await the Great North American Eclpise of August 2017 in Madras, Oregon. This was one of two Robinson helicopters to attend the large fly-in at the Madras Municipal Airport. I am

Joshua Chan

This is is Life Link III Willmar Base on the roof top pad at Hennepin County Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis with the Minneapolis Skyline in the background.

Eric Michael Hilton

I photographed this Robeson R-44 at Florida Suncoast Helicopters in Sarasota FL. I needed to rent a helicopter to photograph aerial images for a real estate agent on an island.
Since I’ve never flown in a Robinson before, only Bell

Michael Ripley

Southern California Coast. 1980’s thru 2000’s.
Background is Retired Army Vietnam Helo (UH-1C & AH-1G) Pilot. After retirement I started a Commercial/Industrial Aviation-Aerospace Photography Company with many clients including Bell, Hughes, Aviation Week Magazine and many others.

Lucas Rogers

The photo was taken in Hope, British Columbia, Canada on June 20, 2019. I am a low-time pilot and after many years working on the ground I was given the opportunity to help ferry C-FYVB from Victoria, BC to St.

Junji Sakai

Guardian Air N409GA Angel 4 on Hopi Healthcare helipad.

Gabriela Turkel

Cayo Costa, FL. 2019. Helicopter and Multi Engine Instructor. This was one of my last flights in this helicopter.

Jessica Ingalls

Evening shot at Lee Memorial Hospital with our northern neighbors sharing the pad. I’m a Collier County MedFlight Flight Paramedic.

JL Ríos

Palma del Río Córdoba

Christal Tressider

Last flight after an all-nighter. My partner had said the prior evening as we flew during sunset: “I don’t mind seeing the sunset-as long as we’re not still flying at sunrise.” This is why HAA/HEMS folks are superstitious! Not ever

Simon Iglesias Berna..

Ecureuil resting at Budaörs airfield in Hungary

Simon Iglesias Berna..

Ka-26 about to start cropdusting in Hungary

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

I could describe everything that this photo represents for me.
But I better share that this is the best job in the world.

My office has a better view than my boss’s office.

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