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Naomi Knight

Above the clouds. Skyhook helicopters on a mountain in Scotland…look at that view!

Alicia Walker

Outside of our Hangar in West Texas after coming in after a storm on October 1, 2019

Mike Martin

I’m a dispatcher for this EC145 as well as our other helo and ground ambulances. Named “Spirit 1” I always take an opportunity to stop by, see the crews, see how everyone’s doing. This picture was taken in the fall

James Langford

Hot fuel next to a company bird and an Osprey.

Christal Tressider

Day of storm dodging; just pulled HALO 3 out of the hangar-back in service. 🙂

JL Ríos

Palma del Río Córdoba

Kenneth Juen

Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson AZ

Jeffrey Bennett

Lunken Airport, August 19 2019, Aircraft Manufacturing, First proof of concept for the SureFly 250.

Isaias Garcia Carrer..

#OnTop – Images fusion with some PhotoShop magic

Ron Kellenaers

A Belgian A-109 dispences a load of flares during the 2019 Sunset Airshow in Hechtel, Belgium.

Vanessa, Coyle

LOCATION: Reno, NV / WHEN: October 15, 2019 / Flight medic with Care Flight out of Reno, NV. Perfect example of a standard, busy day at Care Flight. One aircraft lifts just after another has landed.

Joao Alves

preflight at KPDK on sunset.

Lauren deWindt

Taken at UPMC Mercy in Pittsburgh, PA after a patient mission. I’m a full time flight paramedic at Medevac 1.

Simon Iglesias Berna..

Andorra rescue chopper in Barcelona

James Langford

Evening EMS transfer to Memphis.

Simon Iglesias Berna..

Ka-26 about to start cropdusting in Hungary

Bruce Kimmell

WHERE/WHEN: This photo was taken the evening of July 25th, 2019 while I was standing by for my Hershey Medical Crew as we worked to transport a critical patient from Gettysburg Hospital to York Hospital.

Evan, Klemcke

Rooftop helipad at area hospital. Flight paramedic with HALO-Flight.

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