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March 2019, location KTVI taking various photos to update website. The aircraft is a Robinson R-44 Raven 2

Lauren deWindt

Taken at The Washington Hospital helipad, home to Stat Medevac 1 in Washington PA. I’m a full time flight paramedic at Medevac 1.

Leonard Yarita

I work as an aircraft technician. I took this picture early morning flight 19 July 2019 as the helicopter took off with supplies and passengers to a remote location for work.

Simon Iglesias Berna..

Ecureuil resting at Budaörs airfield in Hungary

Eric Michael Hilton

I photographed this Robeson R-44 at Florida Suncoast Helicopters in Sarasota FL. I needed to rent a helicopter to photograph aerial images for a real estate agent on an island.
Since I’ve never flown in a Robinson before, only Bell

Chris Szwedo

Amidst darkening skies, a Robinson 66 and its owners await the Great North American Eclpise of August 2017 in Madras, Oregon. This was one of two Robinson helicopters to attend the large fly-in at the Madras Municipal Airport. I am

James Langford

Hot fuel next to a company bird and an Osprey.

Desiree Horton

Orange County Fire Authority Helicopter 1 at Fire Station 41 on Fullerton Airport. A typical sunset on most days here in SoCal. Orange County Fire Authority operates four type 2 helicopters for firefighting and rescue. Two Bell 412’s and two

Simon Iglesias Berna..

Kamov Ka-26 in Hungary, about to start cropdusting

Michael Ripley

Southern California Coast. 1980’s thru 2000’s.
Background is Retired Army Vietnam Helo (UH-1C & AH-1G) Pilot. After retirement I started a Commercial/Industrial Aviation-Aerospace Photography Company with many clients including Bell, Hughes, Aviation Week Magazine and many others.

Gabriela Turkel

Fort Myers Page Field Airport. 2019. Helicopter and Multi Engine CFI.

Christal Tressider

No filter needed on this perfect night.

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

I love nature and more when it is in perfect harmony with my work.


Leonard Yarita

I am Leonard Yarita an aircraft technician. Took this picture 22 July 2019 of the Helicopter taking off to the Northwest to bring back some passengers in a remove village location.

Leonard Yarita

I am an aircraft technician. I took this picture 17 July 2019 in the early afternoon of one of the loaders loading up a fuel drum to take to an outstation. Bush fire in the background.

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

It was unintentionally wanting a photo.


James Emrich

this picture was taken off shore Chicago. We were doing hoist training with Coast Guard Station Calumet Harbor. I am permanently stationed in Savannah GA. I was TAD based out of Muskegon Michigan. Photo taken by my rescue swimmer.

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