Photos in this category pay tribute to the aircraft and aviators serving their countries.

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Christian Albrecht

Sikorsky CH-53K “King Stallion” at Holzdorf Air Base in Germany.

Oscar G. Bernardi

Maks 19, 08/19 , Aviation free lance photographer

Christian Albrecht

Sikorsky CH-53GA at Holzdorf Air Base in Germany

William Brown

N407GT Orlando Florida

Marco Herrmann

Tianjin Helicoptershow China. Working with Professional Helicopter Flight Simulators

Andrea Bernardi

Ghirla lake, 08/2019 Helicopter pilot

Jacques Fourie

AAD Waterkloof Gauteng South Africa. Special taskforce @ work

Paolo, Rollino

Two French Army Light Aviation (ALAT) EC665 Tigre HADs during a two ships formation overfly in a clean configuration the French Southern Alps on Dec.2012

Nimisha Kishore

I am a helicopter pilot working with Indian airforce. Have taken the photos during day to day operations

Jacques Fourie

Rooivalk in action at sunset

Ron Kellenaers

A Royal Netherlands Air Force, Cougar picks up troops at a training area in The Netherlands.


This picture was taken during The Paris Air Show 2017. The helicopter is an Airbus Helicopter Tiger of the French Army.

David Hebbard

R-44 Coming in for a landing. Pady’s Pond Nl.

Christian Albrecht

Sikorsky CH-53K and CH-53GA at Holzdorf Air Base in Germany

David Hebbard

Cougar Helicopters S-92 up close

John Nowadly

On the way back from West Point heading southbound over the Hudson River. Taken from the aircraft to capture cockpit and Freedom Tower in 2018.

Ron Kellenaers

A Dutch Chinook is picking up troops at one of the training areas in The Netherlands. These excersizes are being held occasionally preparing crews for combat readiness for mission abroad.

David Hebbard

Maurice J. Murphy landing in evening light. Padys Pond Newfoundland

David Hebbard

AgustaWestland CH-149 Cormorant Departs Bell Island Nl after There first Aviation Day 2019

Zachary Wiest

This photo was taken 27 August 2019. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers and MH-65D helicopters from Sector North Bend, Oregon participated in an Inland Navigation exercise. There were deployed from helicopters in the Oregon wilderness.

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