Photos in this category pay tribute to the aircraft and aviators serving their countries.

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Sharon Mothershed

Formation flight of three Apache Longbows over the Grand Canyon. 7 Dec 2011. Instructor Pilot

Andrew Baity

Taken Jackson Hole WY 2019. Fleet Replacement Squadron Instructor Pilot.

Roy Rodriguez Jr.

AAHF AH-1F taken at KCNO.
I’m a private helicopter pilot and had the opportunity of a lifetime to fly this beautiful machine.


This picture was taken during LIMA 2019. The helicopter is a Westland Lynx of the Malaysian Navy.

William Brown

N407GT, Orlando International Airport June 2019 Ready to go to work. New paint, MX10 FLIR, 32 Year retired Army pilot.

Ejew Tsakr

Air Force Base NE Nigeria on the 10 April 2018. i am an instructor pilot and i fly the Mi-35M. a fully loaded heli on standby.

Bradley Pigage

I took this photo while on deployment to Cold Bay, Alaska in January of 2019. We were out on training flight doing some mountain landings and had the perfect backdrop for an amazing shot. I’ve been in the Coast Guard

Megan Niedenthal

Kodiak, AK, USA. 2018. An aircrew on an MH-60T performs a SAR demonstration for onlookers as part of a celebration of Coast Guard Day. In this photo, the flight mechanic is recovering the rescue swimmer. I’m an Aviation Maintenance Technician,

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