Photos in this category pay tribute to the aircraft and aviators serving their countries.

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Gary Balke

A former Aero Scout with an Attack Helicopter Battalion in the Wisconsin National Guard, I took this photo of on of our Cobras during a training mission in the skys over Madison.

Wryan Webb

Taken at a small airport in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, two crews ready their MH-60T Jayhawks to fly home after conducting an all-night search in the Apostle Islands. I am an avid aviation photographer and have been flying the MH-60T with

Bradley Pigage

Taken in Kodiak, Alaska during inland search and rescue training with the Coast Guard. I work as an Aviation Survival Technician and specialize in water and land rescue throughout Alaska. I was working ground support during the training this day.

Christian Albrecht

Sikorsky CH-53K “King Stallion” Heavy Lift Helicopter during the first deployment to Holzdorf Air Base in Germany.

Christian Albrecht

Sikorsky CH-53K “King Stallion” at Holzdorf Air Base in Germany.

Marco Herrmann

Tianjin Helicoptershow China. Working with Professional Helicopter Flight Simulators

Bradley Pigage

I took this photo while on deployment to Cold Bay, Alaska in January of 2019. We were out on training flight doing some mountain landings and had the perfect backdrop for an amazing shot. I’ve been in the Coast Guard

Ron Kellenaers

A Royal Netherlands Air Force, Cougar picks up troops at a training area in The Netherlands.

Christian Albrecht

Sikorsky CH-53GA at Holzdorf Air Base in Germany

David Hebbard

Cougar Helicopters St. John’s Nl. I am a member of COPA-97 a local chapter of COPA. I also do Photo work for the local aviation community

Michael Ripley

Edwards AFB. 1989
Background is Retired Army Vietnam Helo (UH-1C & AH-1G) Pilot. After retirement I started a Commercial/Industrial Aviation-Aerospace Photography Company with many clients including Bell, Hughes, Aviation Week Magazine and many others.

Jacques Fourie

Photo taken at AAD. Special forces in action

David Hebbard

Air to Air over the Newfoundland Wilderness. 2 Bell 206s

Vitor Moraes

This photo was took on March 2019 in Santa Maria/Rio Grande do Sul. I’m H-60 pilot.

Jon Newcomb

Dayton,Ohio Air Show 2019. Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. It was the books I read as a kid that made me fall in love with helicopters.

David Alejandro Acos..

I am an aeronautical technician and police officer from the province of Mendoza of the Argentine Republic. I am in the Police Aviation Corps exercising my profession. The photos have been taken while I was working and some have been

David Hebbard

Bell 206-L departing historic Harbour Grace Air strip Nl.


The picture was taken off Long Island, in 1971. former Coast Guard Aircrew. now in the Coast Guard Air Auxiliary.

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