Photos in this category pay tribute to the aircraft and aviators serving their countries.

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Santiago Rivas

Two Colombian Air Force Arpía III (armed Black Hawks) perform a demonstration during F-Air Colombia Airshow in July 2015.

Joseph A Laucius

This photo was taken in August of 2019. The photo is of an Indonesian AH-64E firing a Hellfire R3 missile. The location is on the east side of the Island of Java approximately 27 miles north, northwest of the Island

Michael, Klakring

The beautiful landscape of SE Alaska is as awe-inspiring under clear blue skies as it is ominous when enveloped in freezing fog or severe turbulence. US Coast Guard Air Station Sitka flies in it all for a variety of maritime

Ron Kellenaers

A Dutch Chinook is picking up troops at one of the training areas in The Netherlands. These excersizes are being held occasionally preparing crews for combat readiness for mission abroad.

Jacques Fourie

During a Night practice the SA Rooivalk had his time to shine. here it is flying over the firing line

Christian Albrecht

Sikorsky CH-53K “King Stallion” Air2Air at Holzdorf Air Base in Germany.

Timothy Pruitt

USAF HH-60G performing for the crowd at the Nellis AFB open house November 2017

David Hebbard

Air to Air over the Newfoundland Wilderness. 2 Bell 206s

Michael Ripley

Edwards AFB. 1989
Background is Retired Army Vietnam Helo (UH-1C & AH-1G) Pilot. After retirement I started a Commercial/Industrial Aviation-Aerospace Photography Company with many clients including Bell, Hughes, Aviation Week Magazine and many others.

Nimisha Kishore

I am a helicopter pilot working with Indian airforce. Have taken the photos during day to day operations

David Alejandro Acos..

I am an aeronautical technician and police officer, of the Police Aviation Corps of the province of Mendoza, of the Argentine Republic. The photo was taken by a person known to me since I am on that photographed flight. The

David Hebbard

AgustaWestland CH-149 Cormorant 103 Search and Rescue, Tight turn over Conception Bay Nl.

Paul Marais-Hayer

Paris Issy les Mlx Heliport, US Chinook for the 75th anniversary D-DAY

William Brown

N407GT at Orlando International Airport, Retired CW4 U.S. Army, Pilot 32 years OH-58D. Aircraft new paint and re-install of our MX10 system. Night or day we find our target!

John Nowadly

New York City. Photo taken as part of a multi-ship flight by the New Jersey National Guard up the Hudson River to West Point.

Zachary Wiest

This photo was taken 27 August 2019. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers and MH-65D helicopters from Sector North Bend, Oregon participated in an Inland Navigation exercise. There were deployed from helicopters in the Oregon wilderness.

Christian Albrecht

Sikorsky CH-53K “King Stallion” Heavy Lift Helicopter during the first deployment to Holzdorf Air Base in Germany.

John Nowadly

Black Hawk formation flight up the Hudson River en route to West Point

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