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Nicholas Tillim

taken on an animal count in South Africa

Antonio Floresval Ma..

Arrival of the second helicopter, in Angola in Benguela province, to refuel, to then continue with the mission. S76C ++ Sikorsky, D2-EZI

Alex Parker

I took this picture while doing a traffic survey over Austin, Texas. I had to hover inside a 100ft ring 5,000 feet above for three hours while the camera operator in the back took pictures of traffic flow. This was

Hillsboro Heli Acade..

MD 500 reflection. Troutdale, OR – Student at heli school

Cathy Stonecipher

HELIUS,LLC MD 600N helicopter at work in Puerto Rico for the Hurricane Maria Restoration Project. We happen to land and there was a double rainbow behind our helicopter.

Donald Hooper

Taken on the side of a mountain supporting homeland security after dropping of CBP agents. I’ve been flying helicopters for 27 years. Various background

David Sonsteng

Airlift Northwest landing on a rooftop helipad in Seattle. I have always had a love of helicopters.

Doron Talmi

Oshkosh EAA 2013, night show.

Adolfo Nieto

Photo taken for our 50 year anniversary

Papillon Helicopters

Papillon Helicopters is a tour company based at the Grand Canyon. We operate a fleet of over 50 helicopters, mostly EC130s, and this photo is taken over one of our destinations – the beautiful Lake Powell in Page, Arizona.

Michael Pope

Foggy sunrise in Creole Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico. Taken in 2012. Commercial helicopter pilot, current Chief Pilot for a tour company.

Daniel Coles

Helitech exhibition portugal

Dayle Morningstar La..

Colorado Highland Helicopters, A Family Affair

Jeff Goodspeed

Huntington Beach Police and Lifeguard training

Annie Paya

Taken during the 2018 Owl fire at the Reserve, NM airport. I’m a contract fire pilot.

Bradley Lashbrook

Photo out the “Office Window” somewhere in the Bahamas. Former USMC “skid” pilot, now flying for a three-letter agency. Meaning?…hard to believe I get paid to work in these conditions.


EC 145 Helicopter Alpine Rescue Emilia Romagna, HEMS emergency service in rescue activities, in Pavullo nel Frignano, Italy

Jacq Schustek

50 Years of Air Zermatt a Busy day

Catherine Press

Training flight landing on a logging pad in British Columbia, Canada

Michael Ripley

Corona, CA 2019 Southern California.
Background is Retired Army Vietnam Helo (UH-1C & AH-1G) Pilot. After retirement I started a Commercial/Industrial Aviation-Aerospace Photography Company with many clients including Bell, Hughes, Aviation Week Magazine and many others.

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