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Christal Tressider

Beautiful day on the coast. No filter needed. (Didn’t fit in the other categories) 🙂

Cathy Stonecipher

HELIUS,LLC MD 600N helicopter at work in Puerto Rico for the Hurricane Maria Restoration Project. We happen to land and there was a double rainbow behind our helicopter.

Rob Neil

Photo taken in the Southern Alps, South Island, New Zealand in 2007 while accompanying an RNZAF annual training exercise. I am a commercial pilot (fixed wing) and aviation journalist.

Tim Murdoch

Photo taken early January 2019 fighting a fire in the Canterbury High Country

Robert Cassidy

BK-117 Bothwell High School grounds
Photo taken: 3 October 2015
Former U.S. Army Medevac Pilot. Also flew the BK-117 as a civil Search and Rescue Pilot, in Southern California

Note: Please do not publish my address, for Privacy reasons.

Ely Woods

photo taken in Alaska during a coastguard tower construction project
my background:
Ely Woods – General Manager / Strategic Marketing / Technology Development
Ely Woods has been involved in aviation maintenance and management for over 18 years and has served

Pasu Ratprasert

Thai aviation Services Sikorsky S92 over Nakhonsrithammarat City , Thailand

Bernhard Stachelberg..

This photo is taken in Switzerland in the Fall near Dent Blanche hut – Val D’Herens. The good old Lama SA315B, the workhorse in the alps for decades going to pick up another load.


The picture was taken at LIMA 2019. The helicopter is a AW139 of the Malaysian Coast Guard doing a low pass

Craig Miller

West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Ricardo Trevisi

This photo was taken during a Mountain Flight Training on June 07, 2010 near SVCS in Charallave, Venezuela, I am a helicopter pilot since 1978 with 19.000 flight hours, This photo was taken in a elevated mountain and confined area

Ely Woods

This photo was taken during a tower construction project in Alaska 2019.
my aviation background is as follows:
Ely Woods – General Manager / Strategic Marketing / Technology Development
Ely Woods has been involved in aviation maintenance and management for


This picture was taken during LIMA 2019. The helicopter is an Airbus Helicopter Dolphin of the Malaysian Coast Guard.

Kevin carver

This photo was taken at Baker to Vegas run 2019,Taken in March 2019
I am a mechanic for SBSD..This is our aircraft, prior to departure for a run to hospital to take a runner for care

Robert Cassidy

Bell 214 in flight

Former U.S. Army helicopter Pilot.

Photographed 1 February 2019, 14:09

I miss the Bell Huey.

Note: Please do not publish my Address for Privacy reasons.

Robert Cassidy


Photograph taken during refueling stop at Bothwell, Tasmania, Australia, football and recreation grounds, during the height of the Fire Season, taken 15 January 2019, 14:08
Airline Transport Pilot License from seven countries. Two countries I hold Airline

Brian Sanchez

Alaska Heliski sling

Colin Aitchison

2018 summer image of drone taking tourism images Marlborough Sounds New Zealand

Rob Neil

Photo taken near Napier, New Zealand in 2014. I am a CPL (fixed wing) and aviation journalist.

Bradley Pigage

This photo was taken in Kodiak, AK during vertical surface training sometime around early September of 2018. The Coast Guard not only trains in the water these days. We regularly conduct inland search and rescue training as well as water

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