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David Horrax

September 2019, on the Deschutes River near Warm Springs, OR. River restoration work flying logs, boulders and 1100yd3 of spawning gravel. Im a fixed wing pilot and ops manager at CHI

Eric Lambert

B 407 GX Demo aircraft on landing approach to NEHC – New England Helicopter Council – in Tewksbury, MA
Nov 2012

Patti Taylor

Spa Day..getting all pretty

Bernhard Stachelberg..

I took this photo in Switzerland near Saas Fee, and I had the opportunity to make use of my good lens to take this incredible shot during a winching operation in the summer. Air Zermatt is the specialist of mountain

Peter Marrero

Miami Dade Air Rescue North Biscayne Bay August of 2017 during a report of vessel on fire. Im a flight Medic for Miami Dade Air Rescue

Guy Randell

This is Duke Life Flight EC145 on the roof top at Duke hospital DURHAM N.C. ready for night flying….. blue lighting for patient transports helps them relax….. chill picture
Pilot working at Duke life flight.

Ryan Cutter

Supplying Thunderbolt lookout on the Boise National Forest.

Michael Ripley

Southern California Coast. 1980’s thru 2000’s.
Background is Retired Army Vietnam Helo (UH-1C & AH-1G) Pilot. After retirement I started a Commercial/Industrial Aviation-Aerospace Photography Company with many clients including Bell, Hughes, Aviation Week Magazine and many others.

Jim Triggs

KGRB, Green Bay, Wi, Early 2019. I am the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot @ Midwest Helicopter Airways, Inc, in Willowbrook, IL. I have been with Midwest since 2002, right after getting out of HS. This photo was taken

Daniel Coles

Helitech exhibition Portugal

Daniel Coles

Helitech exhibition portugal

Zac Zlatic

October 5, Black Gap WMA, Texas. Just a videographer/photog with a passion for aviation! Part of our commute on a weekend heli camping trip with 3 pilots and their 3 Robinson R44s.

Stan McClain

1987 Desert Center, CA. Aerial Coordinator and 2nd unit director J. David Jones flying “Airwolf”on episode titled “Sweet Britches.” Just another day at the office.

Melody Steele

Out of Terrace, BC two weeks ago. I am a commercial rated helicopter pilot and I am the photographer for this photo.

Jacques Fourie

Carrying Special forces troops and dogs

Colin Aitchison

Quantum Systems Trinity VTOL (3 rotor) fixed wing mapping drone heading off to scout 1200ha of vineyard in New Zealand

Ashley Butau

This was at Johannesburg General Hospital. It had brought in a trauma patient and I was done for the day

Ricardo Trevisi

This photo was taken in the Gran Sabana National Park, Venezuela on April 18, 2011, I am helicopter pilot since 1978 with 19.000 flight hours, the photo was taken during the final approach to the LZ with a very high

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

They are like small cities within the sea, we make more than 40 landings a day and also when the sun goes down.


Bradley Lashbrook

Photo enroute to the Bahamas. Prior USMC “skid” pilot, now flying for a three-letter agancy.

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