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Richard Weiser

September 20th Burbank CA. SWAT transport training.

Amber Forest

Hi, this photo was taken at Weed Airport (O46) in Weed, CA in winter of 2018. Refueling while on a night flight with a student. A full moon, snow on the ground, and Mt. Shasta in the background made this

Davide Comensoli

Taken at Darfo Boario Terme (BS) within Val Camonica during a specialized project of sling load. my backround is pilot and ground osp. Meaning for me is that a sling job like this is like to play perfectly a piano.

Patti Taylor

Coming in for a landing. OC Helicopters. Photo by Damon Duran

Cindy Brown

in flight photo of University of Michigan’s Survival Flight EC155


Italian Air Force AB-212 ICO during a rescue mission in the mountains with a wounded person recovered with the stretcher and the external winch

Matthew Kellison

Photo taken of Coast Guard MH-65D 6581 (foreground) and 6597 (background) during maintenance hover checks at U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Houston, TX on May 12th, 2017. I was Air Station Houston’s Maintenance Officer (CWO3) from July 2015 to August

Adolfo Nieto

Photo taken for our 50 year anniversary

Guilherme Maranhao

Helisul Bell 206B at Urca Heliport, Rio

Adam Thuray Abdullah

S76 take-off from our base in Kota Bharu

Bradley Lashbrook

Flight lead dodging a rain cell near Nassau, Bahamas. Returning from Hurricane Dorian relief ops, September 2019. Former USMC “skid’ pilot, now flying for a three-letter agency. Meaning – Go around it!


This picture was taken during LIMA 2019. The helicopter is an Airbus Helicopter Dolphin of the Malaysian Coast Guard.

Justin Smith

This image shows a helicopter completing a landing on a bulk carrier Aviator Group are a leading provide of Marine Pilot Transfer. Aviator Group complete 13,000 transfers a year and are based in Australia.

Kevin carver

Took at the Baker to Vegas run 2019, photo was taken in March of 2019..
My background I am a mechanic for SBSD.This picture is Air Rescue 308 returning from taking a patient to hospital.

Nermine abou bakr ma..

This picture was taken in one of PAS oil sites in Egypt,PAS is an Egyptian joint stock
company established under the investment law of Egypt since 1983
PAS can execute any mission any time and any where
PAS Soaring above

Jacq Schustek

50 Years of Air Zermatt


This picture was taken during LIMA 2019. The helicopter is a Leonardo AW139 of the Malaysian Coast Guard.

John Bell

Philly PA – night landing on jefferson hospital

Barry Smith

Blackcomb Helicopters EC-135 during hoist rescue training in British Columbia, August 2019. I am an aviation writer/photographer.

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