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Doron Talmi

A Reykjavik Helicopters’ EC120B between sorties, Iceland, October 2018.

Ashley Grant

I took this photo in West Virginia. The Pilot in the H125 with the long line is Mark Fagan. Prior to employing helicopters for areal hydroseeding of the pipelines, heavy machinery was tied off and controlled while ascending and descending

Jeff Goodspeed

Huntington Beach Police and Lifeguard training

Ricardo Trevisi

This photo was taken during a Mountain Flight Training on June 07, 2010 near SVCS in Charallave, Venezuela, I am a helicopter pilot since 1978 with 19.000 flight hours, This photo was taken in a elevated mountain and confined area

David Alan Arnold

Front Seat,
Discovery Bird,
Deadliest Catch,
Dutch Harbor, AK
This is my 15th year of flying for Deadliest Catch.
The story of my adventures on DC are in my True Adventure Book, HELP FROM ABOVE.

Annie Paya

Taken September 2019 on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon after dropping crew off to manage dip site for the Ikes fire. I’m a contract helicopter pilot.

Marco Iseli

2019, Switzerland. CMO Swiss Rotor Solutions AG, Switzerland

Robert Telsnig

Alpin-1 LKH Villach (Patergassen)

Catherine Press

Training flight landing on a logging pad in British Columbia, Canada

Thomas, Babiarz

Flight test over the Chesapeake Bay

Tim Murdoch

Photo taken early January 2019 fighting a fire in the Canterbury High Country

Steven Heyano

LifeMed Alaska, LM2 departing MatSu Regional Medical Center recently.

Papillon Helicopters

Papillon Helicopters is a tour company based at the Grand Canyon. We operate a fleet of over 50 helicopters, mostly EC130s, and this photo is taken over one of our destinations – the beautiful Lake Powell in Page, Arizona.

Ross Burrows

This photo Was taken in October 2018. Our pilot Ken Deyoe was scoping out where to drop the next bucket of water on a fire in Grasshopper Valley. I am a field mechanic for Inter-Mountain Helicopter and a avid photographer

Cory Geisler

Helicopter Logging at Maxfield Creek

Ashley Butau

This was at the annual airshow at the Eastrand airport in Johannesburg South Africa. I was spotting planes on that day

Dino Ferruzo

first flight after 5 years Inspection and 3 years on ground HELIAMERICA SAC PERU

Bernhard Stachelberg..

Departing for a mission in the Kodiak archipelago.

Cory Geisler

Helicopter logging in Sutherlin, Oregon

Keith Rash

Tulsa, OK/ May 17, 2019/31 years – A&P Technician and aviation sales.

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