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Leonard Yarita

I work as an aircraft technician. I took this picture on 15 October 2019. Picture is of a Coffin charter to a remote village.

Tiffany Cook

Precision, LLC’s AS350 flying a tour over Oregon’s Wine Country! Taken July 2019.

David Sonsteng

Airlift Northwest departing Seattle Children’s Hospital in front of a rainbow just before sunset. I love watching and taking pictures of helicopters.

Tim Murdoch

Photo taken early January 2019 fighting a fire in the Canterbury High Country


Italian Air Force AB-212 ICO during a rescue mission in the mountains with a wounded person recovered with the stretcher and the external winch

David Alan Arnold

Front Seat,
Discovery Bird,
Deadliest Catch,
Dutch Harbor, AK
This is my 15th year of flying for Deadliest Catch.
The story of my adventures on DC are in my True Adventure Book, HELP FROM ABOVE.

Richard Weiser

September 20th Burbank CA. SWAT transport training.

Brian Sanchez

Alaska Heliski sling

Alexander Markin

France. Marignane. “Airbus Helicoter Vostok” H160

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

Working hard and lasting at work.

Final approach to oil rig with a beautiful sunrise.

Diane Tremain

Toll Ambulance Rescue Helicopter crews night training

Manuel guillen

Spain, north coast , close to Santander , Sar mission to pick up a drowned fisherman.

Tom Buysse

An airbus H-145 from NHV Group winched a technician on a wind turbine in a beautiful scenery of the North Sea (Belgium)

Leanna Aparicio

Teddy Bear One @ Meacham Field, May 17, 2019 @ 09:01. Medical Flight Crew specializing in Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Transports.

Peter Marrero

Miami Dade Air Rescue North August of 2017 during a Bambie Bucket drill. Im a flight Medic for Miami Dade Air Rescue

Bob Martinez

Firefighting Helicopter doing water drop on the Detwiler Fire near Mariposa, California

Pasu Ratprasert

Thai aviation Services Sikorsky S92 over Nakhonsrithammarat City , Thailand

Andrea Cubillos

This was one of Eagle’s 407HP conversion done for Yellowhead. Thanks to this upgrade this helicopter was able to perform better its mission.

Ross Burrows

This photo was taken in Weaverville, CA while i was working in the field on the Carr Fire in 2018.
This photo captures a landing being preformed by an Erikson Skycrane Pilot

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