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Catherine Press

Training flight landing on a logging pad in British Columbia, Canada

Bernhard Stachelberg..

This photo is taken in Switzerland in the Fall near Dent Blanche hut – Val D’Herens. The good old Lama SA315B, the workhorse in the alps for decades going to pick up another load.

Cody Young

Holly Springs, MS March 2016 Morning take off.

Guy Randell

This is Duke Life Flight EC145 on the roof top at Duke hospital DURHAM N.C. ready for night flying….. blue lighting for patient transports helps them relax….. chill picture
Pilot working at Duke life flight.

Ruben A. Campos

Chopper11 (N27M – 206L4) Taken at WPXI News Station in Pittsburgh, PA. (10/9/2018) I fly Chopper11 here in Pittsburgh.

Marco Iseli

2018, Switzerland. CMO Swiss Rotor Solutions AG, Switzerland

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