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Luke Schuchardt

Taken in Twisp, Washington while on the Crescent Incident.

I grew up flying, learning to drive and having some great one on one time with my grandfather at our local airport. He was a pilot and always had me flying

Junji Sakai

Guardian Air N408GA Angel 2 on high recon in Sedona.

James Rainger

Getting Ready to drop, Australia

Kahealani Gomes

This is our bell 430! We were on our way to do a military fly over for a young soldier that had been killed in action and lived in Hawaii. I have worked for paradise Helicopters for 3 years and

Brian Owens

This was an early morning shot downtown Miami in a news R-44 which I was flying the camera man in the back took the shot with the new iPhone
I’m a cpl helicopter and also an A&P I was in

Zil Air

H-120 Airbus Helicopters; service par excellence

Catherine Press

Training flight landing on a logging pad in British Columbia, Canada

Michael, Klakring

US Coast Guard Air Station Sitka has the privilege of participating in the annual Alaska Day celebration in Sitka, Alaska. This celebration commemorates the transfer of ownership of Alaska from Russia to the US. Sitka was the capital of Russian

Domizia Marini

Yacht-heli ops in Monaco

Dayle Morningstar La..

Colorado Highland Helicopters, A Family Affair

Ray Bennett

Life flight retiring to base at sunrise

Keith Rash

Tulsa, OK/May 17, 2019 2:34pm/A&P Technician and aviation corporate airframe and engine (PT6A) sales for 32 years/Flew with a customer to see our engine maintenance facility.


The picture was taken at LIMA 2019. The helicopter is a AW139 of the Malaysian Coast Guard doing a low pass

Annie, Paya

Photo taken at Pitman Helibase in AZ during crew training. I’m a contract fire pilot.

Patti Taylor

Spa Day..getting all pretty

Jim Triggs

KGRB, Green Bay, Wi, Early 2019. I am the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot @ Midwest Helicopter Airways, Inc, in Willowbrook, IL. I have been with Midwest since 2002, right after getting out of HS. This photo was taken

Patti Taylor

Lunch! Picnic time. OC Helicopters. Tours CHarters

Michael Faris

Photo taken while assisting utility company, Southern California Edison, replace old power line poles in September of 2019. I have been managing the transition of 3 H-60 aircraft from military to civilian use for Bluesky Helicopter out of Laverne California.

Cory Geisler

Wildfire support near Mt. Jefferson in Oregon

Michael Jones

photo taken: Minonk Illinois area 2015. Background: ComEd’s Aerial Specialist Group Lead, 9 years experience with inspecting and maintaining ComEd’s transmission system. meaning: Transferring with longtime “Pole Buddy” and Pilot

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