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Hillsboro Heli Acade..

Nehalem Bay Airport, Oregon. Student at heli school. School camping trip

Cody Young

Holly Springs, MS March 2016 Morning take off.

Ricardo Trevisi

This photo was taken in the Gran Sabana National Park, Venezuela on April 18, 2011, I am helicopter pilot since 1978 with 19.000 flight hours, the photo was taken during the final approach to the LZ with a very high


Rescue training mission in Italian Northern Prealps: the rescuer is going down from a Guardia di Finanza AB-412 using the external winch, while an NH-500 is patrolling in search of other missing or injured people

David Sonsteng

Airlift Northwest departing Seattle Children’s Hospital in front of a rainbow just before sunset. I love watching and taking pictures of helicopters.

David Horrax

Daschutes river, Oregon. Fish restoration project including 1100 yd3 of gravel, logs, and boulders to improve / expand spawning areas.

Cindy Brown

in flight photo of University of Michigan’s Survival Flight EC155

Ely Woods

photo taken in Puerto Rico during rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria
my background:
Ely Woods – General Manager / Strategic Marketing / Technology Development
Ely Woods has been involved in aviation maintenance and management for over 18 years

Jared Young

I was on the playa from an early pickup at Burning Man 2019. I’ve been a pilot for Maverick Helicopters for over 7 years now.

Kahealani Gomes

This is our bell 430! We were on our way to do a military fly over for a young soldier that had been killed in action and lived in Hawaii. I have worked for paradise Helicopters for 3 years and

Ryan Cutter

Supplying Thunderbolt lookout on the Boise National Forest.

Manuel guillen

December 2019, SAR aw139 base in the north coast of Spain. Just about before a night mission to evacuate a person from a fisher boat.

Matthew Kellison

Photo taken of Coast Guard MH-65D 6581 (foreground) and 6597 (background) during maintenance hover checks at U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Houston, TX on May 12th, 2017. I was Air Station Houston’s Maintenance Officer (CWO3) from July 2015 to August

Rob Neil

Photo taken in Afghanistan in late 2006 while accompanying US State Dept Air Wing. I am a CPL (fixed wing) and aviation journalist.

Bob Martinez

Firefighting Helicopter doing water drop on the Detwiler Fire near Mariposa, California

Bradley Pigage

This photo was taken in Kodiak, AK during vertical surface training sometime around early September of 2018. The Coast Guard not only trains in the water these days. We regularly conduct inland search and rescue training as well as water

Bradley Lashbrook

Photo of flight lead enroute to operation site over Exuma, Bahamas. Former USMC “skid” pilot, now flying for a three-letter agancy. Meaning?…hard to call it work when it’s this beautiful.

Davide Comensoli

Taken at Darfo Boario Terme (BS) within Val Camonica during a specialized project of sling load. my backround is pilot and ground osp. Meaning for me is that a sling job like this is like to play perfectly a piano.

James Rainger

Fire Edge during fire fighting ops in Australia

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