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Keith Rash

Tulsa, OK/ May 17, 2019/31 years – A&P Technician and aviation sales.

Tom Buysse

An airbus H-145 from NHV Group winched a technician on a wind turbine in a beautiful scenery of the North Sea (Belgium)

Travis Worrell

A US Air Force HH-60G Pavehawk hoists a survivor and pararescue jumper into a restricted landing zone during Hurricane Dorian relief operations in the Bahamas. I am a Pavehawk pilot and flight lead with 5 years’ experience.

Carsten Plath

Airfield Buttwill Switzerland

John Bell

landing in jefferson hospital Philly

Tom Buysse

An airbus H-145 from NHV Group winched a technician on a wind turbine in a beautiful scenery of the North Sea (Belgium)
April 12, 2019

James Rainger

Getting Ready to drop, Australia

Annie, Paya

Photo taken at Pitman Helibase in AZ during crew training. I’m a contract fire pilot.

Michael Pope

Repeater site, Southeast Alaska. Taken in 2008. I’m a commercial helicopter pilot having flown in Alaska, the GOM and now the Grand Canyon.

Davide Comensoli

Taken at Adamello Glacier in Brescia province (ITALY). I am pilot. The meaning is that with such a view the life is sweet and all the problems are left down while flying at 3000mt

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

Working hard and lasting at work.

Final approach to oil rig with a beautiful sunrise.

Larry Dodson

Was taken in Greenville texas last year in 2018, I am a civilian 55-year-old pilot that paid for my training I’m a commercial pilot that does Ariel Shooting course is topical training with the local police department in wild pig

Jim Triggs

KGRB, Green Bay, Wi, Early 2019. I am the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot @ Midwest Helicopter Airways, Inc, in Willowbrook, IL. I have been with Midwest since 2002, right after getting out of HS. This photo was taken

Patti Taylor

Lunch! Picnic time. OC Helicopters. Tours CHarters

Robert Cassidy

Bell 214 in flight

Former U.S. Army helicopter Pilot.

Photographed 1 February 2019, 14:09

I miss the Bell Huey.

Note: Please do not publish my Address for Privacy reasons.

Tim Murdoch

EC120 Spraying only one in the world. Operated by Christchurch Helicopters in New Zealand

Patti Taylor

Coming in for a landing. OC Helicopters. Photo by Damon Duran

Michael Faris

Photo was taken at Skypark in Santa’s Village California while setting poles for Southern California Edison, a utility company. I’ve worked and managed H-60 maintenance from the Air Force to civilian contracting all across the United States, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Leanna Aparicio

Teddy Bear One @ Meacham Field, May 17, 2019 @ 09:01. Medical Flight Crew specializing in Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Transports.

Kahealani Gomes

This is our bell 430! We were on our way to do a military fly over for a young soldier that had been killed in action and lived in Hawaii. I have worked for paradise Helicopters for 3 years and

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