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Christal Tressider

Busy day for our HEMS/HAA crews to the local trauma center.

Tiffany Cook

Precision, LLC’s AS350 flying a tour over Oregon’s Wine Country! Taken July 2019.

Manuel guillen

Spain, Gijon, SAR base aw139 December, just before a night training flight i the cliffs

Ashley Butau

This was at the annual airshow at the Eastrand airport in Johannesburg South Africa. I was spotting planes on that day

Ross Burrows

This photo Was taken in October 2018. Our pilot Ken Deyoe was scoping out where to drop the next bucket of water on a fire in Grasshopper Valley. I am a field mechanic for Inter-Mountain Helicopter and a avid photographer

Nermine abou bakr ma..

This picture was taken in one of PAS oil sites in Egypt,PAS is an Egyptian joint stock
company established under the investment law of Egypt since 1983
PAS can execute any mission any time and any where
PAS Soaring above

Alexander Markin

France. Marignane. “Airbus Helicoter Vostok” H160

James Langford

Landing at the Egg Bowl, Mississippi State University

Cody Young

Cullman, AL August 2019 MD530F Splice cover up.

Daniel Coles

Helitech exhibition portugal

Robert Cassidy

BK-117 Bothwell High School grounds
Photo taken: 3 October 2015
Former U.S. Army Medevac Pilot. Also flew the BK-117 as a civil Search and Rescue Pilot, in Southern California

Note: Please do not publish my address, for Privacy reasons.

Rob Neil

Photo taken in Afghanistan in late 2006 while accompanying US State Dept Air Wing. I am a CPL (fixed wing) and aviation journalist.

Melody Steele

Out of Terrace, BC two weeks ago. I am a commercial rated helicopter pilot and I am the photographer for this photo.

Jeff Goodspeed

Huntington Beach Police and Lifeguard training

Michael Pope

Repeater site, Southeast Alaska. Taken in 2008. I’m a commercial helicopter pilot having flown in Alaska, the GOM and now the Grand Canyon.

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

It was one of my first landings on the Oil Platforms during the weather of cold fronts that we call (Nortes).


Bob Martinez

Firefighting Helicopter doing water drop on the Detwiler Fire near Mariposa, California

Papillon Helicopters

This photo was taken over Lake Powell in Page, Arizona.

Bradley Lashbrook

Photo out the “Office Window” somewhere in the Bahamas. Former USMC “skid” pilot, now flying for a three-letter agency. Meaning?…hard to believe I get paid to work in these conditions.

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