Photos submitted in this category should show aircraft and the PEOPLE who love them.

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Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson Yukon Helicopters Chief Pilot took this photo of his helicopter when he landed on May 22, 2018 at his arrival at Little Grand Rapids Manitoba Fire Program Base just south east of the Little Grand Rapids Airport. Overnight

Paolo, Rollino

An Italian Firefighters AB412EP just disembarked the team of alpine rescue men during a training air exercise in the Italian Alps on Nov.2016

James DeBry

This photo was taken at the Cedar City Airport. The photo includes Congressman Chris Stewart (one of the only helicopter pilots in Congress) and Michael Mower the executive director of SUU Aviation. After discussing and considering some of the issues

Patti Taylor

Our Eagle Flying High!

Gabriela Turkel

Fort Myers, FL. 2017. Helicopter & Multi Engine CFI

Peter Marrero

Miami Dade Air Rescue South July of 2019 standing by waiting for rescue to arrive. Im a flight Medic for Miami Dade Air Rescue


This picture was taken in Miri in Malaysia

Elena Zhuperina

Spring on the White sea, Russia.

David Hebbard

Captin Geoff Lowe. Cougar Helicopters Nl.

Robert Vergnes

Safety for Human Interaction Test with a Wohler Turbo-Drone when flying at Angers Loire Airport, Jan. 2019. Testing the full Safety when flying near people or other assets.

Alexander Markin

Mozhaysk. Russia. Lady in Red

Jeffrey Bennett

San Francisco, CA July 2019, Aircraft Manufacturing, First display of the SureFly 250.

Nimisha Kishore

I am a helicopter pilot working with Indian airforce. Have taken the photos during day to day operations

Kevin carver

Photograph was taken at our apple valley station, I’m a mechanic at SBSD aviation, and Doug our pilot, is the son of a Vietnam era helicopter pilot, that I had the honor to work with and fly with.

Thomas Gee

West Houston Airport

Chris Szwedo

An R44 comes in for a landing in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod, August 2019. The aircraft was just purchased and on the beginning leg of cross-country flight to San Diego, CA. I am an aviation enthusiast.

Bradley Lashbrook

Training event in Roanoke, TX, summer 2019. Former USMC “skid” pilot, now flying for a three-letter agency. Taking turns flying, then “riding”,…Just hangin’ with a friend.

Alex Webb

Owner operator single helicopter operation. Just flew in to Comanche Tx from West Texas from pipeline survey. I provide ranch and wildlife helicopter service as well. Always good to have somebody to meet you when you land after a long

Naomi Knight

Beautiful Scotland with Skyhook Helicopters

Zil Air

Search & Rescue

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