Photos submitted in this category should show aircraft and the PEOPLE who love them.

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Sunset EMS run, Louisville, MS

James Langford

Waiting the “GO” call for a scene standby. Columbus, MS

Katherine Moloney

This photo is very special as it was my first landing alone at a private site. I took the helicopter camping for a party I was visiting on the Isle of Wight! It was a huge mile stone for me,

Lars Molin

Two pilots and a son who just love our helicopters.
(Mid Norway at Midtnorsk Helikopterservice)

Brian, Smith

Night shot on top of Strong Hospital, Rochester NY. EMS Pilot/Mechanic with MercyFlight of WNY.

Pasu Ratprasert

Me as sikorsky S76D commander with my kid copilot .

Zac Zlatic

Black Gap WMA, Texas, October 4, 2019.
I’m just a videographer/photographer that loves helicopters/aviation!
This photo shows the true camaraderie/connection that stems from people that love aviation and love creating memorable experiences. We took a heli camping trip to Big

Giving back to our V..

Steven Bush owner of Lone Star Helicopters in Lago Vista, TX.
Picture captured at a nursing home while giving a retired Army Colonel his dying wish to ride in a helicopter one last time. He was a IP in the

Nikhil Jha

Installation of rotor blade on H-145.
First H-145 aircraft in India.
Clicked at Juhu aerodrome, Mumbai.
Aircraft mechanic.

Santiago Rivas

Starting a Bell CH-135 at the Colombian Army Barracks of Tolemaida, for a training mission over the Colombian Jungle in July 2015. The Colombian Army operates about 25 former Canadian Armed Forces CH-135s for escort and assault missions.

Paolo, Rollino

Loadmaster and ground crew take care to ‘their’ Italian Guardia di Finanza AW139 just seconds before the taxiing out for another anti drug and anti smuggling mission in the Sicily Region

Eduardo Sarquiz

31 de octubre de 2008 Tijuana Baja California México Boulevar 2000
(descripcion) traslado de personas lesionadas al hospital

Ely Woods

In photo is our Chief Pilot Kevin Brashar on a job here in Alaska

Paolo, Rollino

Pilots and mountain aero rescuers talk about their next training mission up in the white Italian Alps. The workhorse of the Italian Guardia di Finanza for this kind of missions is the Agusta Bell AB412HP, that will be soon replaced

Brian Sanchez

Rusty the dog and the fire season

Eric Lambert

Instructor Mike DeMarchi of Centennial Helicopters in Danbury, CT with B 47 owner Lanny training.
August 2011


People waiting an helicopter for eliski activities in Mont Blanc, in 2019 march.

spencer norris

July of 2019 at the Toledo Air Show, hauling helicopter rides with my 10 month old daughter Sage’s help! I’ve flown many years, I have 3 ATPs, I just quit doing medivac so I could try to get my business,

Kim Stevens

Friday afternoon at EAA AirVenture 2019. Fixed wing pilot, aviation lover, works in the industry. Exposing the joy of flying to all!

Lars Molin

Lunch break at another helicopter company’s home base when passing during power line inspection mission in Mid Norway – why don’t make work as nice as possible, when we all love this!

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