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Junji Sakai

Guardian Air N507GA Angel 8 dropping off the Easter Bunny at an Easter event in Flagstaff, AZ.

Desiree Horton

Last day on shift training with some of the best Captains at CAL FIRE in our UH-1H. CAL FIRE operates 12 Hueys currently throughout the state of California. This was a heartfelt photo as not only was it a great

Leonard Yarita

I work as an aircraft maintenance technician. I took this picture from inside another Helicopter taking off. The two pilots pre-flighting for a training flight.

Stephan Teschner

Early winters morning at Helicopter Transport and Training, Bankstown Airport,Sydney, Australia. June 11, 2019

James Rainger

Pilot Lachie Onslow waits to launch on fire-bombing operations, Australia

Zil Air

More than just a flight

Wade Lawson

My first mission as an EMS pilot

Phillip, Blaha

Where – Mosquito Fly-In 2018, Aviation Backgroung – Student pilot (heli), experimental helicopter owner / builder, guys having fun at the Fly-In

Elena Zhuperina

Great helicopter trip with friends in Europe. Rapeseed fields of Poland.

Marco Antonio Montes..

The first Bell 505 in Mexico, used for air tours

Donald Hooper

Whetstone mountains in SE Arizona

Gustavo Brea

This photo is in the Aviation Convention 2018, in GEZ aerodrome near Buenos Aires, Argentina. Was my flying exhibition routine. I am ATP and CFI helicopter pilot.

John Bell

LIFE FORCE 4 – Blue Ridge Base
482 McCaysville Industrial Drive
McCaysville, GA 30555

Chris Szwedo

A Robinson R44 is set against the backdrop of the Great North American Eclipse of August 2017 in Madras, Oregon. I am an aviation enthusiast who accompanied the pilot on this journey.

Chris Szwedo

An R44 comes in for a landing in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod, August 2019. The aircraft was just purchased and on the beginning leg of cross-country flight to San Diego, CA. I am an aviation enthusiast.

Leonard Yarita

I work as an aircraft technician. I took this picture the afternoon of 12 September 2019.


Pictured is Judy Redlawsk with her R44. Judy is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. She volunteers her time and helicopter to assist the Coast Guard in their mission. When she is not flying for the CG she


Photo take KTLH Million Air FBO Helipad.
Owner/ Operator KoolBreeze Helicopters LLC

Jacques Fourie

Alouette 2 and his operator

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