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Peter Linde

Bandera Airfield near North Bend Washington
King County Sheriff AIR Support UH-1H conducting hoist training with SAR K9’s and their handlers.

Desiree Horton

When you and your chief pilot like the same Jade Visor! About to head out for a training flight with my chief pilot Jack Matiasevich in our UH-1H at Orange County Fire Authority, one of two Hueys the department operates

Chris Szwedo

A Robinson R44 is set against the backdrop of the Great North American Eclipse of August 2017 in Madras, Oregon. I am an aviation enthusiast who accompanied the pilot on this journey.

Chris Szwedo

A Robinson R44 is set against the Great Eclipse of August 2017 in Madras Oregon. I am an aviation enthusiast who accompanied the pilot on this journey from San Diego.

Christal Tressider

Just enjoying the view in San Antonio after patient drop off.

Chris Szwedo

Passenger and pilot bringing their R44 back to the hanger at Montgomery Field in San Diego, CA, January 2019. The heavy rains the night before left a nice opportunity to capture the reflection in the water on the tarmac. I

Christal Tressider

Midnight drop-off in Harlingen. The full moon probably has something to do with flying at that late hour.

Brian Sanchez

Rusty / Drones doing buckets/ fire season

Santiago Rivas

Starting a Bell CH-135 at the Colombian Army Barracks of Tolemaida, for a training mission over the Colombian Jungle in July 2015. The Colombian Army operates about 25 former Canadian Armed Forces CH-135s for escort and assault missions.

Nathaniel Bautista

This was at the Edmonton Car Show.
Synergy Aviation flew in and had their Aircraft on display for the Stollery Children’s Hospital. At the time I was a student pilot volunteering for the event and had the opportunity to meet

Amy Dunn

This photo was taken at Glacier Aviation in Olympia, WA for my daughter’s high school senior pictures. She just turned 17 and is getting ready to complete her private pilots license. She has been flying since the could reach the

spencer norris

July of 2019 at the Toledo Air Show, hauling helicopter rides with my 10 month old daughter Sage’s help! I’ve flown many years, I have 3 ATPs, I just quit doing medivac so I could try to get my business,


Itanhaem/Brazil A119 EMS crew training 2019

Phillip, Blaha

Where – Mosquito Fly-In 2018, Aviation Backgroung – Student pilot (heli), experimental helicopter owner / builder, Gary having fun at the Fly-In

David Hebbard

Future Pilot. World Helicopter Day 2019 Long Pond NL.

Alex Webb

Owner operator single helicopter operation. Just flew in to Comanche Tx from West Texas from pipeline survey. I provide ranch and wildlife helicopter service as well. Always good to have somebody to meet you when you land after a long

Peter Marrero

Miami Dade Air Rescue North August of 2019 during a Bambie Bucket drill. Im a flight Medic for Miami Dade Air Rescue. The glaze of the sun resembles the wings of an air craft

Stephan Teschner

Early winters morning at Helicopter Transport and Training, Bankstown Airport,Sydney, Australia. June 11, 2019

Robert Vergnes

First Turbo-drone flight at Angers Loire Aiport

Pasu Ratprasert

Junior sikorky S76D Helicopter pilot with his mom

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