Photos submitted in this category should show aircraft and the PEOPLE who love them.

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Alexander Markin

Arctic Circle. Murmansk region Russia.

Elena Zhuperina

Great helicopter trip with friends in Europe. Rapeseed fields of Poland.

James Langford

Early morning EMS flight, Tupelo, MS

Phillip, Blaha

Where – Mosquito Fly-In 2018, Aviation Backgroung – Student pilot (heli), experimental helicopter owner / builder, guys having fun at the Fly-In

Phillip, Blaha

Where – Mosquito Fly-In 2016, Aviation Backgroung – Student pilot (heli), experimental helicopter owner / builder, Mosquito Helicopter line-up guys at the annual Fly-In

Luca Tondat

AW139 Italy HEMS during work on the mountain wall – June 2019

Christal Tressider

Just enjoying the view in San Antonio after patient drop off.

Isaias Garcia Carrer..

#Boarding – Bell 412. SAR Training. El Hierro, Canary Islands (Spain).

Brendan Abshier

Oregon, 2019. An MD-500 helicopter flies an electrical lineworker to a remote jobsite location using the longline method.

Eric Lambert

The beautiful & talented pilot Jenn Mulkern picking up her ship from maintenance at JBI Helicopters in Pembroke, NH.
April 2018

photo taken during a coast guard tower install in AK
my background:
Ely Woods – General Manager / Strategic Marketing / Technology Development
Ely Woods has been involved in aviation maintenance and management for over 18 years and has served


This picture was taken during Francazal Air Show in 2018. The helicopter is an EC145 of the French Gendarmerie.

James, Heckman

Working together to help those in need. Lemhi County, Idaho.

Elena Zhuperina

Spring on the White sea, Russia.

Santiago Rivas

A rescue swimmer ready to jump from an Uruguayan Navy Westland Wessex in June 2009. The helicopter was the last of its type operational in the world and was retired in 2010. The picture was taken during a training at

Patrick M Murphy

My favorite picture of my motorhome (Ultimus Prime), my companion Reno, and my Hughe TH55. The chopper traveled around Australia in the trailer, which had an elevator floor that took the helicopter to the roof for takeoffs and landings. I

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

But First let me take a selfie…


Pasu Ratprasert

Helicopter people group photo (Thai aviation services) .Take photo on 25/aug/2019 Thailand . I am offshore helicopter pilot background.

Desiree Horton

Last day on shift training with some of the best Captains at CAL FIRE in our UH-1H. CAL FIRE operates 12 Hueys currently throughout the state of California. This was a heartfelt photo as not only was it a great


This picture was taken during LIMA 2019. The helicopter is a Leonardo AW139 of the Malaysian Police.

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