Photos submitted in this category should show aircraft and the PEOPLE who love them.

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Pasu Ratprasert

Me as sikorsky S76D commander with my kid copilot .

Cody Holmquist

Idaho-Payette National Forest, Pollock Lookout. The Price Valley Helicopter Rappel Crew is shown evacuating a lookout and canine from their post(Pollock Mountain) during the Rattlesnake Fire August 2018 via helicopter. The aircraft is a Bell 205 a++ owned by Hillcrest

Jacques Fourie

Acrobatic Display Helicopter

Patrick M Murphy

My favorite picture of my motorhome (Ultimus Prime), my companion Reno, and my Hughe TH55. The chopper traveled around Australia in the trailer, which had an elevator floor that took the helicopter to the roof for takeoffs and landings. I

Justin Smith

This image shows two pilots completing differences changing in a new H135 Helionix aircraft. Aviator Group are a leading provide of Marine Pilot Transfer. Aviator Group complete 13,000 transfers a year and are based in Australia.

Pasu Ratprasert

Helicopter offshore people selfie. ( take a photo in Thailand 25/Aug/2019 . I’m helicopter pilot background)

Brian Sanchez

Drones doing buckets

Jeffrey Bennett

San Francisco, CA July 2019, Aircraft Manufacturing, First display of the SureFly 250.

Pasu Ratprasert

Junior sikorky S76D Helicopter pilot with his mom

Kevin carver

Photograph was taken at our apple valley station, I’m a mechanic at SBSD aviation, and Doug our pilot, is the son of a Vietnam era helicopter pilot, that I had the honor to work with and fly with.

Brian Sanchez

Rusty the dog and the fire season

Peter Marrero

Miami Dade Air Rescue South August of 2019 during enroute to a call. Im a flight Medic for Miami Dade Air Rescue

Nathaniel Bautista

This was at the Edmonton Car Show.
Synergy Aviation flew in and had their Aircraft on display for the Stollery Children’s Hospital. At the time I was a student pilot volunteering for the event and had the opportunity to meet


People waiting an helicopter for eliski activities in Mont Blanc, in 2019 march.

Juan Molina

In Coquimbo región y Chile with the total sun eclipse

Robert Vergnes

Safety for Human Interaction Test with a Wohler Turbo-Drone when flying at Angers Loire Airport, Jan. 2019. Testing the full Safety when flying near people or other assets.

Marius G Calderwood

student pilot @ Tahoe Helicopters, photo taken during flight training featuring myself and CFI doing pattern work at home airport KTVL in the R44, Lake Tahoe and woods in the background

Pasu Ratprasert

Joyous moment of helicopter people in Thai aviation Services.

John Bell

LIFE FORCE 4 – Blue Ridge Base
482 McCaysville Industrial Drive
McCaysville, GA 30555

John Tipton

I took this in January, 2019 outside the hanger where I work. Trainers and their trainees were working around their helicopters at the time, and when the jet rolled by, I thought it was a nice frame up, showcasing a

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