Photos submitted in this category should show aircraft and the PEOPLE who love them.

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This picture was taken during Francazal Air Show in 2018. The helicopter is an EC145 of the French Gendarmerie.

James DeBry

This photo was taken at the SUU Aviation hangar. The photo includes just about everything a person needs to become a helicopter pilot.

Jacq Schustek

50 Years of Air Zermatt Raron Switzerland

Gustavo Brea

Photos taken in GEZ aerodrome, near Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a Aviation Convention. I am the ATP and CFI pilot and the helicopter is an Cicaré CH-7b, build in this country.

Desiree Horton

Last day on shift training with some of the best Captains at CAL FIRE in our UH-1H. CAL FIRE operates 12 Hueys currently throughout the state of California. This was a heartfelt photo as not only was it a great

Ryan Cutter

Hooking A net from Tripod lookout tower on the Boise National Forest

Christal Tressider

Can’t imagine another line of work.

James Langford

Waiting the “GO” call for a scene standby. Columbus, MS


Sunset EMS run, Louisville, MS

James Rainger

Engineers keeping the blades turning.

Zhuperina Elena

The photo was taken during a large helicopter trip to Europe, over the Pskov region in Russia.

Nimisha Kishore

I am a helicopter pilot working with Indian airforce. Have taken the photos during day to day operations

Carl Sagerquist

Taken from the back seat of the Fresno PD EC-120B helicopter.
I’m a commercial pilot/IFR, and a retired air traffic controller from Fresno, CA.
Pictured are Larry Hustedde and Jack Alvord, FPD pilots.

Brian Sanchez

Drones doing buckets

James DeBry

This photo was taken at the Cedar City Airport. The photo includes Congressman Chris Stewart (one of the only helicopter pilots in Congress) and Michael Mower the executive director of SUU Aviation. After discussing and considering some of the issues

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

I know… I know… home delivery is not going to arrive.


David Hebbard

The Cougar gang with the S-92

Cody Holmquist

Idaho-Payette National Forest, Pollock Lookout. The Price Valley Helicopter Rappel Crew is shown evacuating a lookout and canine from their post(Pollock Mountain) during the Rattlesnake Fire August 2018 via helicopter. The aircraft is a Bell 205 a++ owned by Hillcrest

Andrea Bernardi

Grifone Foligno, 9/19, Helicopter pilot

Chris Szwedo

A Robinson R44 is set against the Great Eclipse of August 2017 in Madras Oregon. I am an aviation enthusiast who accompanied the pilot on this journey from San Diego.

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