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Contest Ended

Ladislav Karpov

August 24, 2019. The technicians assembling russian Ka-226T helicopter (RF-17624) at the international aviation and space salon MAKS.

Alicia Bulai

Kadavu, the Fiji Islands

Christopher Lowery

SWAT medic and HEMS Pilot, pic taken during SWAT training, previous UH60 and UH1 instructor pilot.

Tristan Witham

Lakeview Oregon, Withrotor Aviation Crew, May 2020. Proud of what we do. I grew up in our family business and it is now my passion. I took this shot with a drone

Andrew Logan

I am a photographer for SUU Aviation. This is one of our amazing instructors checking our Bell 206

Gabriel Amado

Lantana airport in Palm Beach, Florida, when I was taking my Helicopter license

Alicia Bulai

Mamanuca Islands, the Fiji Islands

Russ Landau

Taken Nov 3rd, 2020 at KSBA with Russ Landau (owner) and Paul Menter, CFO High Society Freeride.


Helicopters and our pets are part of the family. Wilbur travels with us in the helicopter and is resting here after helping with the preflight.

Oscar G. Bernardi

Rescue on Northern Italian Alps by Horus-2 EC145T2 of Babcock MCS Italia. Brescia EMS
September 2020

Peļņa Uldis

Owner on SIA “GM Helicopters” during preparation for the flight, most experienced helicopter pilot in Latvia. I am continuing airworthiness engineer on commercial aircraft, general aviation aircraft and helicopters.

Chinook Helicopters

Owner and CEO, Cathy Press, has grown 2 helicopters to an internationally recognized flight school specializing in both Rotary and Fixed Wing Training.


Pilot refueling between bucket cycles on a heavy fire day next to the airtanker reloading base.
Rainbow Lake, AB, Canada

Pete Rankin

The joy of sunrise

Craig McComsey

May 2020, Vertol 107 pilot Christine Brown setting an external load at a base in Afghanistan.

S. Robert Sliger

A US Army instructor waits patiently for his student under a TH-57. Shot at the Natchitoches Regional Airport in northwest Louisiana.

Jamie Livingston

Ozona Texas on a small fire in May 2020

Sylwia Tylkowska

Czech Police during NATO Days in Ostrava

Andrew Logan

I am a photographer for SUU Aviation. The local sheriff was able to do some K-9 training in the Join used Bell 407

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