Photos submitted in this category should show aircraft and the PEOPLE who love them.

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spencer norris

July of 2019 at the Toledo Air Show, hauling helicopter rides with my 10 month old daughter Sage’s help! I’ve flown many years, I have 3 ATPs, I just quit doing medivac so I could try to get my business,

Robert Vergnes

Safety for Human Interaction Test with a Wohler Turbo-Drone when flying at Angers Loire Airport, Jan. 2019. Testing the full Safety when flying near people or other assets.

Brian Sanchez

Drones doing buckets

Brian Sanchez

Rusty / Drones doing buckets/ fire season

John Bell

Columbus Ohio

Christal Tressider

Midnight drop-off in Harlingen. The full moon probably has something to do with flying at that late hour.

Juan Molina

In Coquimbo región y Chile with the total sun eclipse

Brian, Smith

Night shot on top of Strong Hospital, Rochester NY. EMS Pilot/Mechanic with MercyFlight of WNY.

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