Photos submitted in this category should show aircraft and the PEOPLE who love them.

Helicopter/Drone Digitally Enhanced PhotosHelicopters/Drones in the Military •  Helicopters/Drones at Work 

Alex Webb

Owner operator single helicopter operation. Just flew in to Comanche Tx from West Texas from pipeline survey. I provide ranch and wildlife helicopter service as well. Always good to have somebody to meet you when you land after a long

Phillip, Blaha

Where – Mosquito Fly-In 2018, Aviation Backgroung – Student pilot (heli), experimental helicopter owner / builder, Paul having fun flying his Mosquito Air

Pasu Ratprasert

Helicopter people group photo (Thai aviation services) .Take photo on 25/aug/2019 Thailand . I am offshore helicopter pilot background.

Dave Armando

Arcadia ME for lunch on an island resturaunt

Marco Antonio Montes..

The first Bell 505 in Mexico, used for air tours

Katherine Moloney

This Photo was taken earlier this year when my parents suddenly decided that 6hrs was too long in the car for a day trip to see family – therefore I put my licence to use and was the taxi! I

Jacques Fourie

Over the shoulder view of a Bell Pilot

Carl Sagerquist

Taken from the back seat of the Fresno PD EC-120B helicopter.
I’m a commercial pilot/IFR, and a retired air traffic controller from Fresno, CA.

Zac Zlatic

Black Gap WMA, Texas, October 4, 2019.
I’m just a videographer/photographer that loves helicopters/aviation!
This photo shows the true camaraderie/connection that stems from people that love aviation and love creating memorable experiences. We took a heli camping trip to Big

Marius G Calderwood

student pilot @ Tahoe Helicopters, photo taken during flight training featuring myself and CFI doing pattern work at home airport KTVL in the R44, Lake Tahoe and woods in the background

Elena Zhuperina

Helicopter at sunset over the Baltic sea.

Pasu Ratprasert

Helicopter offshore people selfie. ( take a photo in Thailand 25/Aug/2019 . I’m helicopter pilot background)

Peter Marrero

Miami Dade Air Rescue North August of 2019 on the way to board air craft to a trauma call. Im a flight Medic for Miami Dade Air Rescue


Pictured is Judy Redlawsk with her R44. Judy is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. She volunteers her time and helicopter to assist the Coast Guard in their mission. When she is not flying for the CG she

Jacques Fourie

Girocopter used for border patrol protecting animals

Wade Lawson

My first mission as an EMS pilot

Zil Air

More than just a flight

Jonathan van der Wes..

First cross country flight. Pretoria to Komatipoort,South Africa

Jonathan ikwue

Helicopter technician, this photo was taken in Lagos Nigeria, September 2018. After 7months of overhauling of bell 412ep wrongly preserved

Matt, Barnes

This is at our hangar at John Wayne Airport, Orange County, California. This is our amazing team of Certified Flight Instructions for our flight school Rogue Aviation. Pictured are 3 of our aircraft in the background: 2 x R22’s and

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