Photos submitted in this category should show aircraft and the PEOPLE who love them.

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This picture was taken in Miri in Malaysia

Cowrie Manuel Barnar..

But First let me take a selfie…


Phillip, Blaha

Where – Mosquito Fly-In 2018, Aviation Backgroung – Student pilot (heli), experimental helicopter owner / builder, Cam having fun at the Fly-In

Jonathan ikwue

Helicopter technician, this photo was taken in Lagos Nigeria, September 2018. After 7months of overhauling of bell 412ep wrongly preserved

Kiana, Cheney

The photo was taken on the coast of the Big Island in Hawaii. I am a student pilot.

James Rainger

Pilot Lachie Onslow waits to launch on fire-bombing operations, Australia

James Langford

Waiting the “GO” call for a scene standby. Columbus, MS


Pictured is Judy Redlawsk with her R44. Judy is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. She volunteers her time and helicopter to assist the Coast Guard in their mission. When she is not flying for the CG she

Matt, Barnes

This is at Long Beach airport. Pictured inside the aircraft is our Chief Pilot James Baker, who is training a student for Rogue Aviation.

James DeBry

This photo was taken at the Cedar City Airport. The photo includes Congressman Chris Stewart (one of the only helicopter pilots in Congress) and Michael Mower the executive director of SUU Aviation. After discussing and considering some of the issues

Jacques Fourie

Acrobatic Display Helicopter

Amber, Forest

This photo was taken at Weed Airport (O46) while fueling during a night flight with a private student. The moon was full and snow on the ground made for a fantastic flight. Mt. Shasta is in the background.

Ricardo Trevisi

This photo was taken in the Gran Sabana National Park, Venezuela close to the triple border (Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana) on April 18, 2011. I am helicopter pilot since 1978 with 19.000 flight hors and the picture was taken during a

Eric Lambert

The beautiful & talented pilot Jenn Mulkern picking up her ship from maintenance at JBI Helicopters in Pembroke, NH.
April 2018

Carl Sagerquist

Taken from the back seat of the Fresno PD EC-120B helicopter.
I’m a commercial pilot/IFR, and a retired air traffic controller from Fresno, CA.

Patti Taylor

Our Eagle Flying High!

Marco Antonio Montes..

The first Bell 505 in Mexico, used for air tours


Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia, USA. I am a freelance photographer for LifeFlight, an air medical and ground transportation service based in Pittsburgh, PA. Shot as part of a series allowing a successful patient story to be told through

Brent Chidsey

Taken October 2012 by my wife Deb just prior to takeoff from our home landing pad / Hanger near Ithaca, NY. After owning for 5 years and putting on 350 hours, giving rides to friends and even taking my daughter

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